Broke but disciplined? Try out the Medical Peace Work certificate

Free to low-cost higher education? If you’re based in the United States (and many other countries) this would seem like a distant dream. Thankfully some US programs help those of us in the hole (or, those of us digging that higher education hole even deeper), but while licking those debt wounds there are free courses and even certificate programs available online. For free. If you’re a medical and/or public health professional (or want to be), particularly if you plan to or currently work internationally – you should look into ‘medical peace work‘.

Did I mention that this is free education? At your own pace? With substantive content? God bless Norway’s University of Tromsø.

I’ve always been in awe of public health professionals who work in high-stress low-resourced environments – this is a way to gain a foundational and conceptual understanding of violence prevention and health work in those kinds of spaces. Here is a snippet from their site:

As medical professionals we care for the life, health and wellbeing of our patients. Violence, weapons and war cause enormous suffering and misery, and endanger what is important for us.

It is therefore our professional responsibility to work towards the prevention of violence and the promotion of peace, human rights and human security.”


I’ve enrolled, I’m performing at a snail pace – this is definitely graduate level work and not for those with a casual interest. Either way, if it peaks your interest, check it out. It is hard to find quality eucation like this, for free, online. All you need is a decent internet education and depending on your learning style: a quiet surrounding. If you enroll, let me know, and you and I can wreck our sleep hygiene together.



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